13th June - Do One Thing Different

It’s often said that the world is divided between those who, when half way through a drink, cheerfully think the glass is still half full, and those who gloomily think it is half empty. In reality I suspect that our feelings and personalities are far more complicated than that. However one thing I really have noticed is that for me, the difference between feeling gloomy or feeling cheerful is sometimes based on something surprisingly small.

For example: let’s suppose one day I am feeling a bit down because the house is a mess (this is a completely imaginary example of course!) Often all it takes for me to feel back on top of things again is to get one simple task done – I clean a window or get something broken to work again and suddenly everything seems more manageable.

It can work that way in life’s thornier situations too: we can spend days and weeks feeling gloomy because we are having a hard time making ends meet financially, but the day we sit down to work out a budget – however frugal – will be the day we start feeling happier again. We may struggle with hurt from a friendship or a family relationship that has gone wrong: sometimes a hug, a kind word or just a smile from another human being is all that is needed to lift our spirits.

Once when I was going through a hard time a friend sent me a book called ‘Do One Thing Different.’ The title alone has always seemed like a really good piece of advice! Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we pretty much always have it in our power to change one thing – even if that one thing is to smile and brighten up someone else’s day. Doing one thing different might just make the difference between gloom and cheerfulness.

What one thing could you do different? Why not give it a try and see what happens.