28th March - Lent: progress report

We're officially half way through Lent today, or at least I seem to have done 20 tweets for Lent for Geeks.  How am I doing with my personal challenge?  Well, I suppose technically I have failed today, since I tweeted at a minute past midnight, so if you want to be conservative about it, there was no tweet for 28th March.  If, however, you prefer to be a woolly liberal, then a day counts as the time between two sleeps and since I haven't slept yet, I am still on track.  I don't feel qualified to say what a catholic (large or  small c) view would be.

How about the Discontent for Lent thing? Well, there's room for improvement.  I continue to let myself get away with all kinds of mediochrity.  One thing that continually baffles me, for instance, is how to prepare for things at any other time than the last minute.  How is it that I know I'm doing a Mothering Sunday special service on Sunday but I haven't yet begun to plan it?  Why haven't I done more than vaguely mull over the games I have agreed to organise for the Village Royal Wedding tea party?  What makes me think that preparing for the Lent Group ten minutes before it starts is the best way?  I continue to do battle with myself. 

Going back to Lent for Geeks, by far the hardest thing so far has been choosing the passages to tweet about.  (I had thought that the hard part would be thinking of anything profound to say; I now realise that wasn't ever going to happen, and have let myself off the hook about that. In my book, all I now have to do is type a less-than 140 character message. Profundity not a requirement.)

In this case I actually did prepare in advance for once.  My plan was to stick loosely to the theme of freedom.  I worked out a scheme whereby I would start with a jog through the Old Testament picking out some key themes, and then as Holy Week drew closer I would spend a week on Epistles, a week on the Gospels, Holy Week on the passion narrative, then the resurrection on Easter Day.  It was a fantastic plan if I do say so myself.  What happened?  I lost the envelope I had written it down on the back of. Consequently I have chosen a verse almost at random each day for the last twenty days.  I keep thinking I'll get back on track when I finally find that envelope, but it will almost certainly be too late by then.

So there's still a long way to go - twenty more tweets (I do worry that most of my Facebook friends have probably blocked me for spamming them with my bible thoughts) and many character flaws to overcome.  I am very thankful to know that God loves me in my imperfection, and also to know that I don't have to wait another 20 days for chocolate.