Who is Sandie Barton?

Sandie grew up in Northamptonshire on the edge of rolling countryside where she developed a love of nature, solitude and books.  She was blissfully unaware of the existence of the Church until her early twenties, when she experimented with Christianity and was soon hooked.  

She worked in archaeology for a few years and brought up a young family before training for ministry in the Church of England.  She was ordained in 1995 in Durham, and ministered full-time in Hartlepool and the East Durham Collieries for around eight years. 

After a few years in secular employment in Yorkshire and Cambridge she now lives in rural Suffolk where she is parish priest of four wonderful villages around the edge of Mildenhall.  She is married to Lawrence, and between them they have four children and three grandchildren. 

Sandie's passion lies in making church, bible and faith more accessible to those who feel like outsiders.