Holidays  - July 16th

It's an amazing feeling to be ready for a holiday; in the sense that you have to go the next day whether you like it or not, and so you have stayed up late to do half a dozen overdue tasks, and now it is three o'clock in the morning but you have done everything, perhaps barring (as in my case just now) rinsing the colour out of your hair.   There's such a sense of excitement that it's hard to stop and go to bed.

Tomorrow morning I still have to pack, but that is the work of five minutes.  We are driving to our holiday-place, so it's only a case of throwing things into the car, rather than packing things judiciously into a Ryan-Air sized piece of hand-luggage.  Plus it's the most relaxed holiday ever, so we only need jeans and t-shirts and a whole stack of fishing gear.

The concept of holidays of course is a religious one.  We get periods of respite from our daily labours because God loves us and wants to bless us.  That's why we have a Sabbath - do we really think it's because we have a tyrannical God who gets annoyed if we work harder than he did in the week of creation?  Of course not.  But maybe we have lost some of the pure joy of resting.  Being free of work is such a blessing, and right now - once I have rinsed my hair - I will be in that blessed place of having nothing more to do apart from rest sweetly.  Glorious.

Thank you God!