A new role

  • In January 2014 I gave up my secular work at the Isaac Newton Trust in order to devote my time more fully to parish ministry.  I am now happily ensconced as Parish Priest of Barton Mills, Freckenham, West Row and Worlington, informally known as the Lark and Lee Parishes after the river and brook linking the four parishes.  I'm officially a 'House for Duty' Priest (except I haven't got a house, but I get a housing allowance instead) but in practice it's a kind of creative way of enabling me to minister full time without having to be stipendiary.  I'm proud of my diocese for managing to get their head around this, and of my parishes for doing something so daringly experimental. I'm loving it :)

Some past projects

  • I was the editor of 'The Highlighted Freedom Bible', published by Bible Society in November 2010.  This edition of the CEV Bible picks out verses that speak of the many aspects of freedom offered by God, and it aims to be a help to anyone who feels trapped by the circumstances of their life.  There are also some great articles and bible studies in it by people like Paula Gooder, Jo Swinney, Jonathan Aitken and Gram Seed (and me!).  Personally I think it will also make a great introduction to bible-reading for new believers.  It seems to be fairly widely available in Christian bookshops. 
  • I am proud to have been part of the team producing the Poverty and Justice Bible  (Bible Society 2007).  It is distributed directly by Bible Society and so isn't generally available in bookshops, but you can buy a copy here.  This was the forerunner to the Highlighted Freedom Bible, and picked out in orange highlighting verses speaking of God's attitude to the poor and to justice.  I recently spotted a second hand copy for sale on Amazon, where hilariously it was listed as 'in good condition apart from the fact that various texts have been highlighted throughout.'

A Happy Event

  • After a couple of years serving in St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese with Permission to Officiate (i.e. officially as a 'retired priest') I was licenced in 2010 as NSM in Mildenhall, West Row and Freckenham.  It was a really happy day for me as I was licenced in my own little village church amongst a lot of people I've really grown to love a lot.  I'm pictured below with Prof Adrian Dixon, Master of Peterhouse (our patron) Bishop Nigel, and David Ball our lay minister. Lurking in the background is one of our churchwardens Robert Oakley, who drives up heroically from the Isle of Dogs not only to play the organ and single-handedly chime the bells on a Sunday, but also every time we have a PCC meeting.  Kay Gee is our other churchwarden, who is also a hero but has not appeared in the photograph unfortunately.